Hello Openstack-users or adventurers

I’ve just created a new blog that is about Openstack Public cloud solutions, and what alternatives there are. i’m also gonna be subjective and promote my company with different offers and talk about our solutions we have and going to have in the future.

I’m going to present myself.

I’m a 26 years old guy and work at Fiberdata AB in Sweden. AreaX

We have 25 years experience of designing and building broadband in cities, and have started with hosting as a 2nd solution for our customers. Our hardware partner Huawei are a great help in this manner and we are now a reseller of their products.

I’m responsible for the Co-location of the organization and the VMware-environment we have inhouse aswell as backup and storage.

Our hardware as i talked about earlier is built on Huawei Servers.

The reason why i’m going to blog about Openstack is because we are building a Red Hat Openstack Solution in a public cloud perspective, and i’m gonna blog about that experience i’ve got with Red Hat as a partner and company, but also about their product and how good it really is.

I know that alot of people struggle with setting up Openstack-solutions with packstack, and the mainconcern has been for me and for alot of people on the internet, The Neutron module.

I’m gonna talk about that later in a post,but i’m gonna start to talk about the modules in whole, what they are, and what they do, and how Red Hat (from what i believe) think about using modules and how they very conservative uses new modules that is in development.

I’m gonna start with keystone and keep on going with all the different modules that are available today as of the Red Hat release of Openstack, which is Juno.

That’s my first update for now

Hello Openstack-users or adventurers